Customers trust your organization with their personal information.

Regulators require privacy and security compliance.

As your collection and use of personal information grows, how will you maintain customer trust and meet compliance requirements?

Navigate LLC provides comprehensive information protection & privacy advisory services to help organizations manage risk, achieve business objectives, and meet compliance requirements.

Why Navigate?

  • Senior-level experts with extensive real-world experience
  • Flexible approach based on your needs and culture
  • Customized deliverables and pragmatic action plans
  • Reputation for exceeding expectations

Is your company trying to answer questions such as:

  • What is our current state compared to best practices, applicable laws and regulations?
  • How do we manage our risk when we share information with third parties?
  • Are we prepared to respond effectively to a data breach?
  • How do we implement improvements in a way that will work for our business?
  • Is there a way to "right size" compliance activities to match our business model?
  • How can we effectively and efficiently respond to customer privacy and security questionnaires?
  • Navigate LLC can help.

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